The voice of conscience !

    [Have a positive self-image ] – The question is not this: What does ur boyfriend think of you? Does your husband think you’re beautiful? Does your family believe U’r talented? Do they have confidence in you that you can do this?
    The question is: What do you think of yourself? Are u beautiful? Are you talented? Are you confident that You can do this?
    Until you are focused on what do ‘they’ or ‘he’ thinks of you- you’ll be riddled with self-doubts. Because you are looking externally for proof of your self-worth. One, this will do nothing to improve your sense of worth. Two, it’ll shift your locus of control externally, making you blame external factors for the negativity in your life.!







D H A R M S H A L A , Himachal Pradesh

For the engineering students, hills are the favourite place to be, and what better than a long weekend trip to Dharamshala? Taking the advantage of the same thing, I decided to pack my bags and go to Dharamshala with a couple of friends.

Dharamshala is all about colourful Tibetan flags, rolling prayer wheels and the collective sound of the ringing bells and chirping birds.Dharamsala is also a shopper’s paradise which is why the rest of the day rolled out in walking uphill from the hotel, shopping from the Tibetan markets at the Temple Road and the Kotwali Bazaar, where I shopped a variety of hippie clothes for myself.🤗IMG_20170402_133329-01InShot_20170411_161151.jpg


I have a long term disorder. I don’t eat whole day, I don’t sleep for whole night,
Normally my depression comes rarely at night. When i get hurt by anyone or when I remember my past. What happened at night took my soul out of my living body.Sleep doesn’t come to me easily. I have become afraid of everything.

I want to tell. I want to share. But I’m afraid they will listen and leave and I can’t afford to say, “please come back, don’t leave me” anymore. I don’t want to end myself. I am afraid of myself. I start to watch any comedy web series to distract myself but I end up staring at the screen all blank and empty. More than half of the time I’m lying on my bed all tired with no sleep. I want to do something to make me valuable in my eyes but a strange force or I should say past scares me to take even one step forward.

How do I tell people and even to myself that something is eating me up slowly and slowly?

I’m afraid of trusting myself. I’m afraid of loving myself once again. I feel useless now. I’m tired of disappointing myself again and again.Something has taken over me and I am not able to figure out what it is and how long it’s gonna be there.

I’m a very sensitive guy,
I get emotionally attach to someone very easily. But once I make a connection with anyone it’s hard to forget them. Don’t be like me I’m struggling with this disorder and you know guys it’s very painful more than any disease, and there’s no any painkiller for this. So please be focuse on your future and just think about your parents. Don’t emotionally attach to anyone a lot. If you will follow this you will be happy.

Waiting for that day, that moment when I will take a deep sigh of relief and nothing will scare me anymore. Waiting and waiting…….

Rishikesh ! Capital of YOGA

 Har Har Mahadev !


It was a winter day (like any other day in December Winter), after my semester examination for a refreshment I decided to get into the fresh waters of Rishikesh and immediately set about making arrangements for a weekend getaway for a sporty time in the gushing Ganga of the holy city.
On 28 Dec. Morning we boarded a bus to Rishikesh from Dehradun.
and we stayed in a Ashram there beside the Ganga river. Ashram was much good very neat and clean,
Rishikesh was very familiar for us because This place was much similar like Varanasi ( shops , saints, buildings and one of the most similaritiy our Ganga maa 🙏 )

Soon after a light and quick breakfast we were prepped for the main act and the reason why I was in Rishikesh – River rafting.
The rafting stretch was divided in six levels and covered four grades of rafting.
With each rise in level the rapids grew in strength. Ganga’s potency was better understood as it came with full force, dwindling the balance as it smacked you across the face. The cool refreshing water was a delight.For almost an hour and half covering a 16-km stretch we rowed with strength tearing the powerful rapids.


​Varanasi is not a city, this is a culture. Here every man is master and a disciple is not  But they do not boast of being the Guru.

Banaras Ghats in the morning you go to see, you will pass through a supernatural.Banaras summer evening to see if you go to the shops to Thandai of Godulia, the typical red Gmci banarasi’ll find plenty of wrapped and Thandai,You will find yourself in a different world,

Varanasi Varanasi ues see the day in traffic,Judy jam all around, but are still on the road ahead and relax bull.Just gonna push him slowly grow but still no problem with people also called the “bull, ladder, monk, then against them Kashi Seve”

Please see the rickshaw ride in Varanasi. The riders come from behind every vehicle owner’s address for that of the surprises you will here is also the owner of the rickshaw is called.

Banaras get up in the morning to see when there is no light, the city Visit the hour clock beeping at you from all sides will move wherever else and Kachori morning, vegetables and snacks jalebi.Restrict day you do not feel like you run out,

Banarasi say much about Pan,  little how well does the pan, is difficult but many shops Pan Pan on which such people have no idea how far come to eat but not eat and drink until the store, they do not rest we also saw a paan shop, which is about 20 km away from the city, 50 km away from people to eat and drink but also to come,

There is no shortage of people in Varanasi time, plenty of others are win Really, people here just do not get to go to the office or shop, to meet each other, get plenty any tea shop, go on, whether it be at eighty, or Lhurabir Lanka on, you will see people flocked not everyone exposed to politics, to discuss problems around the world and each other affliction, all being shared here, sitting at the shop.

Assi Ghat, Varanasi, or Benares full of all rasas, or Kashi described in mythology, by whatever name you call it, it is “The city of Dilwalon” come roaming anywhere in the world, come here, you will find these Bnarasipan.

The vines !

​Some girls is like ” I want to good guy in my life ” its so fucking annoying
There was a guy named Naman , he smoked , he commented on girls, he was an everyday drunker.
What image we get ‘ bad guy too bad’
A girl named sakshi entered his life, things changed there was someone WhO didn’t considered him bad ! And her consideration was proven to be right when gaurav changed.
See she got her good guy !
You too want a good guy ?
Take you car , drive it far
Wear you spectacles and watch beyond
See there is the good guy 🙂
Did you see it
Of course not
Because you haven’t tried to change the bad one into a good guy !
A guy in a white horse to take her princess away is just a story thing what we really get from real life is changing people and making them good by love. Because ”Love is enough for the change , power is needed in destruction”